Tyler Drive is new technology, debuted in New York, that helps parents keep track of their children while on the bus. When using this new tracking program, children are given ID cards that allow them to check in and check out of busses. The card is scanned when a child gets on the bus and then they check out when they get off the bus.

The new technology is meant to ease the minds of parents that worry their child got on the wrong bus or missed the bus after school. It also helps bus drivers keep track of students to make sure they are in the correct place.

Tyler Drive technology also shows turn by turn directions of the planned bus routes. With the GPS technology, the busses will be trackable. Have you ever wondered why your child's bus is late in the morning? How nice would it be to be able to log on and see where the bus is and when it will be at your child's stop.

The world is very different from when we were in school. With this technology, it helps parents ease their minds while their children are in route to and from school. Thre is no word on if or when this will make it to our area. You can get all the details about Tyler Drive here.

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