Because what else is there to look forward to other than Halloween right now?

My fellow Halloweenies, you've been warned - there are 82 days until our favorite holiday. If you didn't get the cool decorations on clearance after Halloween last year, you're gonna need to jump all over this right meow.

Home Depot is selling a 69 inch, fog-breathing dragon for your front yard and it looks pretty epic.

I'm going to go a step further than Halloween on this one - you could make this guy applicable for EVERY holiday. Put a Santa hat on him for Christmas, place a plastic turkey in front o him and make it look like he's being chased for Thanksgiving, dress it like a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day, etc.

Now, here's a heads up - it doesn't come with a fog machine. So, if you want to go full-on Game of Thrones, you'll have to shell out for that, too. Interestingly enough, Home Depot sells those, too, for about $70. *sarcasm*

Total, it would run you up to almost $500 for this epic decoration, which is definitely NOT cheap. However, we've all been quarantined for months now; if you've got the extra money to blow, why not blow it on some amazing Halloween decorations?

And that's not all - if you're in the market for a 6-foot-tall skeleton, you can get that, too. In fact, PUT THEM NEXT TO EACH OTHER.

I'm just trying to help out my fellow Halloweenies.

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