In an effort not to feel left out, an Indiana man has a new tradition at his house and it's hilarious.

I first met Tom, aka "T-Money," when I moved to South Bend Indiana. He was a sales guy at the radio station that I worked at; it was his first job out of college and he said, "I didn't make a lot of money, but I made a lot of great friends." And we're still friends to this day.

What is there to say about Tom? He lives his best life. All of that BS that the rest of us get caught up in every day? He doesn't let that stuff bother him. Single, no kids, goes to Vegas all the time, etc.

A few years back, Tom started the tradition of using an old Halloween decoration as his "kid" on social media to counteract all of the "first day of school" posts. And then it evolved by season and became a thing. Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, etc.

It's literally the highlight of his Facebook page.

Tom's decoration is affectionately called "Hims" and here are some of hims best moments.

Single Guy Celebrates Holidays, Milestones With Halloween Decoration

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