Matt LeBlanc plays baseball (with a chimpanzee). A basketball player dresses in drag so he can play in the WNBA.  The Bad News Bears take a trip to Japan.  Maybe someday we'll be able to explain how these leaky sports movie concepts made it off the cursed page and onto the big screen.

Check out bleacher report's cinematic freak show "50 Worst Sports Movies of All Time," in which dogs play basketball, people box in kangaroo suits, and Rocky Balboa learns that the fifth time is not necessarily the charm. Also, some choice sucky trailers and clips after the jump.  You're welcome!

1. Ed (1996)

2. Juwanna Man (2002)

3. Rocky V (1990)

4. Air Bud (1997)

5. Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo (1978)