Despite all the buzz, 74% of Americans have not done this in the last year. What?

We haven't seen any of the movies nominated for Best Picture Oscar. Congrats to today's winner, Diane Klump from Flushing.


Approximately 20% of men refer to their wives by this name, when talking to other men. What's the name?

"The Boss." Congrats to today's winner, Jane Mansfield from Lake Orion.


President Donald Trump is the first President since 1901 to, so far, not have one of these in the White House. What?

A dog. Congratulations to today's winner, Chris Dishaw from Flint.


Research shows that you'll consume 10% more calories if you do this while you eat. What?

Playing on your smartphone. Congratulations to today's winner, Tammy Dean from Burton.


According to a survey of bosses, this is the most-annoying phrase an employee can use.

"With all due respect." Congratulations to today's winner Julie Richardsson from Burton.

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