As a lifelong storm geek, I squealed with glee when I saw this. Rest in peace, Bill.

I've been a weather nerd since I was super young - particularly tornadoes. I remember asking my mom to read me a book about tornadoes from the library when I was too young to read, and she said, "This is scary stuff! Are you sure you want me to read this to you?"

Anyways, it's safe to say I was fully geeked when I found out that, in my freshman year of high school, they were coming out with a feature film about storm chasers. I saw it seven times, and I bought the poster and the soundtrack, because I'm a dork.

I wasn't smart enough to become a meteorologist, so I admire the profession from afar.

So, it warmed my heart when storm chasers throughout Oklahoma yesterday used GPS coordinates to spell out Bill Paxton's initials. Very cool.

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