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According to a survey of couples, 25% say THIS phrase will start an argument. What is the phrase?

Do you hear yourself?

Congratulations to today's winner, Debbie Bato from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey of women, this is the #1 thing women lie to each other about. What is it?

How much they pay for their clothing items. Congratulations to today's winner, Craig Chobad from Saginaw.


According to a survey of adults, what holiday dessert tempts us the most?

Pumpkin pie. Congratulations to today's winner, Katrina Denton from Burton.


According to a survey of people who have quarantined this year, about 1/3 of us have started a new hobby. What's the most popular hobby we've picked up?

  1. Cooking/Baking
  2. Reading
  3. Playing Video Games
  4. Playing Board Games
  5. Mediating

Congratulations to Sue Oleyar from Durand.


If you are average, you think about this every 20 minutes. What is it?

Vacation. Congratulations to today's winner, Dorothy Onweller from Clio.



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