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As an adult, 2020 has probably been one of the most -- if not the most -- challenging years you've been through. Now, imagine being a child, having to navigate the world of facemasks, restrictions on activities, and not being able to see grandparents and various other family members.

Santa Claus has a message for the kids, saying everything is going to be OK.

"We will get through this," the Big Guy says in the video below. "We're gonna have many, many, many more beautiful, fun, happy, merry Christmases."

The video, produced by WNEM TV-5, speaks directly to kids who may be wondering how the coronavirus pandemic may affect the holiday season this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus say they've been seeing letters from kids that reflected worry that Christmas won't be the same this year, and that Santa won't be able to come into their homes.

"The 'Elves with Attitude' are gonna come," says Mrs. Claus. "And they're going to sanitize the living room, so that protects Santa Claus from any germs in your house."

We laughed out loud when the reporter noted that kids will have to go to bed extra early this year on Christmas Eve. On behalf of parents everywhere, we say thank you.


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