Adults were asked what class they wish they had taken more seriously in high school. What was #1 response?

Math! Congratulations to today's winner Brittany Gregory from Montrose.


Research shows that men who have this physical attribute are generally more intelligent. What?

A lot of chest or body hair. Congratulations to today's winner, Katie Rodriguez from Flushing.


According to a survey of parents, 66% say they have a picture of at least one of their kids here. What is it?

The bathtub. Congrats to today's winner, Jerry Shutter from Linden.


According to a survey of parents, 40% of parents admit that they have done this during kids' bedtime ritual. What?

Skip pages while reading storybooks. Congratulations to today's winner, Renee Beethem from Metamora.


What President proclaimed the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day?

Woodrow Wilson. Congratulations to today's winner, Dustin VanGordon.

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