According to a survey of women, about 75% wish their significant other would do this more often. It's something very simple. What is it?

Hold their hand. Congratulations to today's winner, Katrina Hatfield from Burton.


Experts say that 20 years ago, we did this about five times per day on average. Today, it might be two times per day. What is it?

Talk on the phone. Congratulations to today's winner, Shane Stause from Burton


According to a survey of Americans, just over half of us say this is the worst part about outdoor summer activities. What is it?

Using the porta-potty. Congratulations to today's winner,

Pat Thompson from Grand Blanc.


Researchers say the average adult does not fully appreciate the taste of this until they reach the age of 29. What is it?

Wine. Congratulations to today's winner, Esther VanLuven from Burton.


According to a survey, about 21% of us say we are canceling or avoiding this right now in order to save money this summer. What is it?

Streaming services. Congratulations to today's winner, Sara from Flint.

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