According to a survey of parents, four out of five say they kinda wanted to do this over the holidays. What is it?

Take a break from screen time & digital devices. Congratulations to today's winner, Kim Dallard from Gaines.


About 20% of us start doing this in January. What?

Start Christmas shopping. Congratulations to today's winner, Paige Bakker from Linden.


About 9,000 pounds of this was consumed between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. What is it?

Stuffing. Congratulations to today's winner, Rebecca Kaufman from Flint.


Collectively, Americans buy 1.1 million boxes of this every day. What is it?

Mac & Cheese. Congrats to today's winner, Theresa James from Swartz Creek.


It's estimated that we spend $300 million each year on this type of footwear. What is it?

Slippers. Congrats to today's winner, Anne Anger from Clio.

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