I'm what you would call a car crazy man, so any story that has anything to do with automobiles I will give it some attention. Like this story about a Ferrari made of wool, that’s right – wool.

UK-based artist Lauren Porter, 22, used approximately 12 miles of the stuff (over 10 years, no less) to craft a red Ferrari that’s almost exactly to scale. Read more and watch the video after the jump.The model car has already been on display at fine-art galleries and car shows in London, Paris and Amsterdam, and now, Porter says it’s time for it to find a permanent home.

“I would ideally like it to be on display and enjoyed by the public but am open to any ideas,” she said.

In the past Porter has knitted a life-sized chair, toilet and sink. She’s currently working on a series of quilted British birds. Watch the video and check out the Ferrari.