There is love, true love and just plain weird. Meet Casie, she can't stop eating her husband, oh by the way, her husband Shawn is dead. It was the season finale of TLC's 'Strange Addictions' Sunday night. It lived up to the word strange that's for sure; get the story after the jump.

TLC's reality TV show, My Strange Addiction, takes a look into the less-than-orthodox compulsive habits of some interesting characters. And, true to form, it has delivered some colorful tales in its second series run. Saving the best for last, the series finale, last night, featured a woman who is so close to the memory of her late husband that she eats his ashes.

Casie, who was widowed just two months before filming the show, is unable to stop herself from dipping her finger into her husband's urn of ashes and taking a lick of the grey dust.

Watch the video below as Casie explains her strange addiction.