Didn't their show just go on the air? Ooops.

31-year-old Brandon Putman, who lives in Huron County and is one of the stars of the reality show Meet The Putmans is facing a possible ten years in prison in a case that involved undercover federal agents.

He's facing two charges and being accused of trying to get copies of a component that would convert AR-15 rifles into fully automatic machine guns. He was in a Bay City courtroom yesterday and released on a $10,000 unsecured bond.

If he's convicted, he could be facing up to a decade in prison.

The show, which airs on TLC, follows the Putman family as three generations coexist under one roof. Brandon was texting undercover federal agents about illegally obtaining the components which he had ordered.

Way to blow it, pal. Could've rode that reality show gravy train for YEARS.

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