Nobody at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City will be retiring early. A $1 million winning Powerball ticket is getting split among 78 people.

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Technically, One Person Purchased the Winning Ticket

BJ Bossert is the man responsible for buying the winning ticket at a CVS Pharmacy in Traverse City. He purchased the ticket for the October 31 drawing amid the Powerball buzz that was taking the country by storm as the jackpot reached $1 billion.

Bossert's winning ticket matched all five numbers but missed the Powerball. That netted him $1 million.

Lottery Club Divides the Winnings

Bossert regularly plays the Michigan Lottery with a group of coworkers in the emergency department at Traverse City's Munson Medical Center. He tells Up North Live that there were 78 participants in the October 31 drawing.

"Everybody just pays in $2 per drawing and we throw our luck out there and see what happens."

BJ tells the TV station that the group opted to take the cash payout option. After taxes were taken out, the proceeds from the winning tickets were divided among 78 people.

Each member of the group wound up with about $5,600 after taxes.

While it's not enough for anyone to retire early, Bossert says the win did lift a lot of spirits.

Hoping for Lighting to Strike Twice

While the payout for each member is relatively low, Bossert says the group bought tickets for the next jackpot, hoping that lightning might strike twice.

"Oh, of course, man. We're not stopping we're gonna we're gonna keep right on going," Bossert said.


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