They don't seem to have a problem exploiting the city's water crisis for political gain, so why can't residents get tickets?

As soon as the debate was announced, ourselves and several coworkers got in touch with the Democratic National Committee to try and get tickets. We were left without a response...until Monday, when the Clinton campaign told our coworker that it was "too late."


After ruffling some feathers, we were granted press credentials...but not to The Whiting. The "spin room," as they call it, is located at the U of M-Flint Rec Center, where we'll watch the debate on TV. We have no access to the debate hall, or candidate arrivals, according to the email from the DNC.

But...couldn't we watch it on TV from our couch?

People in Flint are ticked, to say the least, that they aren't giving out tickets to the debate. Ryan Hughes, the director of the Bernie Sanders campaign in Michigan, responded to The Whiting:

ABC 12 talked to a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, who said that tickets were given to party members, local politicians and some members of the Flint City Council.

Do you know anybody who received a ticket? Because we sure don't! Not cool, DNC.


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