The future is now! Canned air, from Canada. But, you're not going to like why.

I know what you are thinking. No, this bottled air idea is not because the ultra rich have decided that they don't want to breathe the same air as us peasants. It's because the air quality in China is so bad that people in the country have said that the air is "chunky". Yes, "chunky" is the word being used to describe the air in China these days.

If you are not familiar, Northern China is often cloaked in smog, especially during the cold winter months when everyone burns coal to keep warm. About a week ago, Beijing officially issued its first ever red alert because of poor air quality, closing schools and restricting traffic. Not good.

That's where Vitality Air comes in. This company was started by selling Ziploc bags of mountain air on Ebay. I am not kidding you. Now, they have said its batch of 500 bottles that were shipped from Alberta, Canada, to China have sold out. these bottles of air are sold from $14 to $20 per bottle.

Vitality Air already has plans to increase their load of bottled air to China in the next few months to keep up with demand. Can you believe it? And you thought buying bottled water was bad.