It was ten years ago today that millions of people were left in the dark when a software bug caused what is now known as the Northeast Blackout of 2003. An estimated 55 million people were without power, 45 million in America and 10 million in Canada.

The affected area stretched from Michigan to New York and from Ohio to Ontario. On the heels of 9/11, many people thought that it was another terrorist attack.

Although Michigan was affected by the outage, several areas remained with power including Holly, Oxford, Brighton and Howell. Depending on where you lived in Genesee or Lapeer counties, you may have had to deal with the outage as well.

At the time, I was living in Evansville, Indiana, and was on the air at the time. We had a brownout in the studio, but remained on the air, and after a short time the entire area was back to full power. Where were you when the outage happened? Did you lose power?