After the Thanksgiving feast, I like to spend the remainder of the long weekend to get started on our Christmas decorations.  This year I decided to get creative with our stocking display.

I found these really cool wooden letters covered in red glitter with a little holly at a local retailer. They had every letter I needed to spell our last name, Fenech, with the exception of the most important character, the "F".  Being that this particular chain has seven branches in the Flint area, I thought I could pick up an "F" at one of the six other stores. I thought wrong.

I went to three, called the other three, and no one had an "F" in stock. One worker told me that she didn't think that they ever got any "F"s. I looked for the company, December Home, online and had no luck. If this company had to be graded on consumer accessibility they would get an "F", which they could use as a model or guide to manufacturing the elusive letter. Oddly enough, I had no problem finding an "X", "V" and "Z".

What the "F"? Really? What are the Franklins in Fenton, the Flemmings in Frankenmuth and the Fenechs in Flint supposed to do? I'll tell you what to do... get creative!  I ended up buying an "E" and did a custom modification. All you need is a saw to cut the bottom off, and some red glitter glue to cover the cut.  Boom!!

Fenech Pictures

Check in later this week for a really cool idea I came up with for hanging your Christmas lights that makes a huge difference in appearance.  What Christmas crafts or decorations have you tweaked to make it your own?