I really hate the fact that my parents moved to Florida, until it's time for us to go down for a visit! Oh, and leaving all this cold and snow behind... we're totally cool with that too!

We leave for our annual visit with Mom & Dad tomorrow, but are stopping to visit some friends in Indiana on our way down.  That will also help break up the 24-hour drive.

So my question is, what are some great attractions or landmarks that we should check out while on the road?  We will be leaving from Flint (A) taking I-69 to Indianapolis, I-70 to Terre Haute (B), then Highway 41 to Evansville (C).  From there we go through Kentucky to Nashville and then I-75 all the way to Fort Myers, Florida (D).  Any suggestions for a few cool stops?  Leave any suggestions in the comments section below, and thanks!!

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