Maybe your favorite Christmas cookie is one your grandma made when you were a kid. There's something comforting about observing traditions we learned when we were young and comfort foods help us enjoy the nostalgia we're used to during the holiday season.

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Michigan's favorite Christmas cookie may surprise you. Of course, 'favorite' is subjective, but we thought we'd consult Google to find out just what each state's favorite is.

It only makes sense that if you're trying to recreate some of that joy you experienced in your grandmother's kitchen, you're probably going to turn to the Internet for a recipe or two, right?

What Cookie is Michigan Trying to Make?

What is it with Michigan and jelly-filled treats? According to Google Trends, Polish Christmas Cookies or Kolaczki (sometimes spelled kolachky, kolachy, or kolacky) are flaky pastry cookies filled with jam or jelly.

Favorite Christmas Cookies
Google Trends

As you know, we'll be celebrating Fat Tuesday or Paczki Day in just a couple of months and observing the beginning of Lent with the Kolaczki's big, fat brothers, the jelly-filled Paczki.

Michigan and Alabama share their love for Polish Christmas Cookies as both states are Googling recipes for the tasty treat this time of year.

Other popular favorites according to Google Trends are Gingerbread Cookies, Christmas Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Blossoms, which are peanut butter cookies with chocolate in the center.

Google Trends share the map above with USA Today noting each state's favorite Christmas cookie.

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