I'm serious. Not because it's so scary, but because it's SO BAD.

I'm a horror movie aficionado and I wear that as a badge of honor. Scary movies aren't just a Halloween-season indulgement for me; I watch them year-round.

So, while you're scrolling through Netflix this weekend, looking for the perfect spooky flick, may I suggest NOT watching The Open House.

It's a Netflix original. Of course, I assumed that the network who gave us Making A Murderer, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things would be a trustworthy option for an original film.

I was wrong.

The movie is about a mother-and-son who move to the mountains to a rented house while they're getting back on their feet after the death of the husband/father. The house is being sold, so there's a myriad of open houses while they're staying there.

They start getting weird phone calls. Things go missing. Strange people come in and out of their lives on a regular basis. The basement has a creepy, caved-in hallway.

And that's about it. I'm serious.

I liked it until the credits started rolling. It's the strangest thing - there is NO RESOLUTION to the film. You never find out who the killer/stalker is. You never find out why Naomi and her son Logan are targeted. Everybody dies. Pretty much every question you have is never answered.

Let me say this, however - I don't believe that EVERY SCARY MOVIE needs to be wrapped up with a pretty little bow. In fact, some of the best scary movies have the WORST endings because they try to resolve everything, and they do it badly. Have you ever seen The Babadook? Yeah. Like that.

But to leave the ENTIRE FILM open-ended, with no answers, no heroes, no villains, no explanations is just...weird. The crimes committed against Naomi and her son Logan in the film are very personal - so who did it? And why???

Not gonna lie, I liked the fact that all of the main characters are killed off. There's no happy ending or hero. It's not the cliché that you'd expect.

But I feel like there's a 94-minute-long void left inside of me, and I'm not satisfied. 

NOW I'll wrap things up in a pretty little bow by telling you what movie I do recommend - The Ritual. Totally loved it. Or maybe it's just the guys and their accents.

Either way, happy horror movie watching this weekend!

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