It's not just about what you wear on the outside ladies. What you wear underneath your clothes says a lot about your personality. Let's talk underwear!


Do you wear briefs, or granny panties? You probably lead a very ho- hum life, spent on the couch, watching re-runs on television. You aren't adventurous at all, and you wonder where all the nice men are. You feel as if life is passing you by.

Maybe you prefer boy shorts. This would seem to indicate that you wish you had been born a guy. Do you like to watch football too?

Any thong wearers out there? You are one wild woman! There is nothing that you won't try at least once! Thong wearers are very high strung, type A personalities.

If you purchase your lingerie from Victoria's Secret, or any other high end store, you scream high maintenance. You probably have a lot of shoes, and love, love, love to shop and spend money.

Bikini wearers seem to be the most balanced. You are naughty and nice at the same time, and you honestly like men.

Now, you should know that this study was conducted by a guy, so read this with a grain of salt! Take this quick survey to see if you wearing the right panty for your personality.