Don't lie, we all thought it - is this it? Have aliens finally decided to take over? Are we being attacked??  Is it the rapture??!!  WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG

Nothing more comforting than cruising social media after something weird happens and realizing that other people experienced the same thing, and that's exactly what happened last night.

Around 7:45 ET last night, a series of loud booms were heard throughout the area. We heard them in Burton and, according to Facebook, they were heard in Davison and Holly, too.

At first, some people speculated that it was a series of super loud fireworks being set off near Bristol and Maple. However, we Michiganders know what fireworks sound like and that theory was quickly debunked.

It was noted that nobody heard a police report or sirens afterwards, so was it...something else?

Another theory is that is was part of the Orionid meteor shower, which happens everywhere between October and November. It's visible in Michigan and, this year, we'll also be seeing remnants of Halley's Comet.

Meteor showers can create a sonic boom when they break the sound barrier. There were no sirens or news reports after the explosion-like sounds, so this is the best guess that we can get behind right now.

Did you hear them? Where are you located?


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