For the first time EVER, we complained about the service we received at a restaurant yesterday.

With yesterday being Father's Day, we decided to take my Dad and Pat out to dinner. We fully expected to wait a while for a table, assuming that everybody had the same idea. Shockingly, that wasn't an issue...but everything else was.

We had six people (three of which are disabled...yeah, it was difficult) with us. We decided on a chain restaurant as opposed to a local establishment, thinking that it would be easier to satisfy the picky eaters in our group. We waited about five minutes for a table around 5 PM, which was a lot quicker than we expected, given that it was Father's Day.

Let me say this - our server was FANTASTIC. She apologized profusely for everything, most of which was clearly not her fault. This particular restaurant brings out a certain kind of bread while you're waiting for your entree - the poor waitress kept telling us that she was "so sorry, but they didn't have any bread made" at the time. She also apologized because they ran out of glasses - she had to refill drinks out of a plastic cup.

It was a solid hour wait to receive our entrees. I have no doubt that we were stressed out because of Pat's mom, who has alzheimers/dementia and is NOT easy to bring out in public. But overall, we were there for more than two hours. When we paid the bill, Pat left a tip for the server, along with a note on the back of the receipt. He wrote,

The tip is for the server ONLY. The back of the house is a mess - no glasses, no bread, hour wait for food. Get it together!

We've never, ever complained about service at a restaurant before. There are bigger things in life to worry about, in our opinions. Sometimes, people are just having a bad day. Things happen. Unfortunately, it seemed like it was just one thing after another last night, with little or no explanation.

Some people may have asked to talk to a manager, some people could have made a scene, and some people would say or do absolutely nothing. What do you do when you experience bad service at a restaurant?


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