It was a snowy night in December when Dannielle Gill's fourth son decided it was time to make an appearance. Hayes was born in the car on a US-131 exit ramp on the way to the hospital, as Dannielle's husband Ryan Gill spoke on the phone with an emergency dispatcher.

Couple Thought They Had Plenty of Time

Hayes Gill is the couple's fourth baby, born on December 17 of last year. Dannielle tells Grand Rapids TV station WOOD-TV that her water broke around 7:40 pm and they summoned family to come stay with their children.

The couple left for the hospital around 9 pm when Dannielle's contractions were about four or five minutes apart. Based on past experiences, the couple figured they had plenty of time.

“With previous pregnancies, I left for the hospital when contractions were like that and was able to labor for hours at the hospital,” Dannielle said.


Baby Hayes Had Other Ideas

But as the couple navigated the snow-covered streets, it became apparent that their son wasn't going to wait for them to get to the hospital.

Ryan called 911 for assistance and Dannielle phoned a friend who's a labor and delivery nurse. Dannielle recalls that the pressure was "overwhelming" and despite not pushing, the baby's head appeared.

“I pushed and pulled him out while Ryan was stopping the vehicle,” Danielle Gill said. “Ryan had a towel in the van that he grabbed and rushed to my side of the vehicle while on the call still with 911.”

Panic soon set in as the Gills' didn't cry immediately. But :49 seconds into the 911 call, you'll hear Hayes begin to cry.

Take a listen in the video below.

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