I love AutoCorrect. I also hate AutoCorrect. If you're not familiar with it, AutoCorrect is software that corrects spelling errors on many modern smartphones and tablets.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and although it's great for web surfing, its virtual keyboard is my enemy.  Because of the location of the letters, "adopt" may get changed to "spot". "Question" becomes "quotation". The end result can be embarrassing. And hilarious!

Whether or not you use one of these devices, you'll appreciate this website.  It's a collection of some of the best worst corrections this software has made, submitted by readers.  Hit the jump for some examples, and the link.  (And if you do have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, be sure to download radioPup - Cars 108's free mobile app.!)

Hi! I'm signing Lily up for lapdance classes after school on Wednesdays. Do you want to sign Madeline up for them too?

Lapdance classes? THEY ARE 7!!!

HAHA Oh dear. Tapdance classes.


How did Dad's Dr. appointment go?

Okay. He has heartburn. Dr. prescribed prostitutes. 2x per day.

Wow. In that case I have heartburn too. Lol.

Oh gosh. Not funny. Prilosec.

There are hundreds more, some funnier than others, and some a bid crude. Check it out for yourself, at D--- You, AutoCorrect!