** UPDATE **

It turns out Rachael Plath's gaffe was prerecorded. She was very sick, so management gave her permission to tape her weather segment and go home. Station bosses have gone on record saying that the segment depicted in the video below was an outtake, and aired because of a technical mistake in the control room.

Something unexpected happened during Rachael Plath's live weather on KRDO-TV. The Colorado Springs weather forecaster lost it, and she wound up asking the same question many of us ask once in a while at work:

"Son of a b****, why is this happening?"

Oops. I've often wondered the same thing, Rachael!

TV Weather must be more stressful than it appears. Remember this forecaster that threw a fit on live TV and 'stormed' off? And check out this kooky Michigan weather dude, whose wacky weather antics made him a YouTube sensation earlier this year.

Good news, it appears that Plath is still employed, as her profile is still on the station's website. Take a breath, Rachael, take a breath.