In many workplaces, there is absolutely no time for fun, laughter, or screwing around... then there's Townsquare Media-Flint. I always keep my lunch, snacks and beverages in George McIntyre's office refrigerator.

Early last summer, I went to grab a pop out of said fridge as I began to search for something to write about on our website.  I didn't have to look far as I read the side of my pop can.  The "Share-A-Coke" campaign that had taken the world by storm last summer, turned against me and crushed my self-esteem.

My can read "Share a Coke with a Fart Sniffer".  I grabbed the next one that read "Share a Coke with a Moron", and another that read "Share a Coke with a Big Dummy".  There were many, many more that I can't share with you because of the incredibly high level of vulgarity.  But I'm sure you can use your imagination to get a pretty good idea.

Well the cans are back again this year, and you can still have some fun with the Share-A-Coke Name Generator at your co-workers' expense. When you go to the site, you'll see that when you enter a non-name or profanity, a message pops up saying the name is not in the database. How do you get around this?  Do what my coworkers did!  Type anything you want and take a screenshot before you hit enter.

Yup, if there was a way to take the campaign into the gutter... you can bet that we'd find it!


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