If you remember being perched by a boombox with Record & Play ready to go, waiting for the local radio station to play one of your favorite songs all the while hoping the DJ didn't talk over the beginning of the song you wanted to record, you'll get this.

And as an on-air radio host, I apologize for talking over the beginnings of songs. No, I don't. We like doing that.

A video of two Illinois teenagers is making the rounds today, as Kevin Bumstead recorded his son and nephew trying to figure out how to dial a rotary telephone.

Bumstead gives the boys -- both 17 -- four minutes to dial a phone number.

As you can imagine, the results are both hilarious and delightfully painful at the same time.

Bumstead says that while it's funny to see the teens struggle with the task, it serves as a reminder of how much things have changed for those of us old enough to remember using a rotary phone.

And programming a VCR...

And recording songs off the radio...


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