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Ho - Lee - Crap. We are thankful that no one was injured or killed in this incident captured on video by a Michigan State Police trooper. The video will make your heart race.

A driver going the wrong way on southbound I-75 was stopped by a Michigan State Police officer before crashing and injuring himself or others. The exact location of the stop has not been disclosed but it appears to be in the Metro Detroit area.

The driver was asked to put his car in park six times before the trooper reached into the vehicle to do so himself.

Alcohol was not present in the driver's system but he appeared to be disoriented. He told police that he had taken prescription medication earlier in the day. In a tweet from yesterday (9/16) the Michigan State Police remind drivers to check with a doctor before operating a motor vehicle when taking prescription medication.

The incident occurred last week on September 8, but the video was not released by police until yesterday.

The video of the incident can be viewed in the YouTube player below.

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