How would you eat two complete 72oz steak dinners in one sitting?

More would you keep it down?

Molly Schuyler isn't your typical mother of four children. The Bellevue, Nebraska native is also a competitive eater. Schuyler is listed as being five feet seven inches tall and weighs only 125 pounds but don't let her petite appearance fool you!

Over the weekend, Molly took The Big Texan Steak Ranch 72oz steak dinner challenge and blew away her competitor, Joey Chestnut, another competitive eater.

When The Big Texan Steak Ranch says dinner, they mean it! Each of Molly's meals included a 72 oz steak cooked medium rare, a baked potato, shrimp, salad and a dinner roll.

Schuyler ate her first steak dinner in under five minutes and her second meal took just under ten minutes!

Molly plans on taking the Big Texan Steak Ranch Steak dinner challenge again next year. Her goal is to eat three 72oz steak dinners in one sitting.

The video is her own. may never enjoy a steak dinner again!