Things are about to go all Hollywood in Flint this fall, and locals are hoping to get a piece of the action.

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We told you about the new movie Half Dead Fred that is set to start filming right here in Flint this October. The brainchild of writer and director Bron Theron is described as a thriller/horror flick, which we all love.  We were lucky enough to have both Theron and star of the movie, actor Corin Nemec, in the studio recently to talk about the upcoming film and honestly we can't wait to see this movie!

It's no surprise that immediately everyone wants to be "a star" and get a shot at finding themselves on the big screen. Now, let's be honest, who wouldn't want a chance to be a in real movie, right? I myself gave my best "pitch" the Theron I will admit. So will any locals have a chance to be part of the cast? The answer is yes.

Theron told us they are currently casting for the film, and will in fact be using extras from around the area. While most of the major roles have been cast, there is till some time to get yourself a spot in the thriller/horror flick. If you are interested you can submit a headshot and resume to

How to Really Become a Part of the Movie

One of the coolest things happening now with movie making in the way of support of independent filmmakers, is actually giving financial support with some pretty fantastic advantages. Usually reserved for high powered investors, people like you and me can get involved. As with many movies being made currently, Half Dead Fred is offering a great opportunity to support the film, and leave your mark in the movie in a unique way.


Indiegogo's crowdfunding campaigns are where new and groundbreaking projects are born, and allows individuals the opportunity to support entrepreneurs. Those supporting the film being made here in Flint will get some awesome perks! You can actually be in this film in a role or a ghost! You can be drawn as a ghost in front of our famous location in Carriage Town or at the graveyard for an exciting scene! There are also some other cool perks that you can get like shirts and stickers! Every dollar helps bring Hollywood to Flint.

"This is a great way to get involved with the film and support the film and network with other people that already are working on the project.  Doing a film like this in Flint will encourage other people to do films in Flint as well", Theron told us.   "I mean people from all over the world, and people from Flint working together to create a movie or a series or something that is entertainment based in makes  Flint is a wide open territory for many artists."

To learn more about the Indiegogo for Half Dead Fred, or to support the film, you can click here.

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