J. Patrick mentioned back in May that VH1 had ordered 60 new episodes of the 90s classic "Pop-Up Video."  The order is up and the episodes are popping!

Over the weekend, I was pleased to stumble across a fresh batch of videos just fizzing with interesting facts.  Unlike in other cases when a network tries to revive a classic, they do it with a fresh coat of paint that usually ends in failure.  The new 'Pop-Up' episodes are true to the originals.  In fact, compare the difference in the videos after the jump.

Since it's October, I decided to use "Ghostbusters" as the classic clip.  Because we're celebrating the rebirth of "Pop-Up Video," I figure we should "Get The Party Started" with Pink!  Check out the comparison below and enjoy!  Check out "Pop-Up Video" weekdays at noon on VH1, and make your own Pop-Up Video here.  See the video I made here.

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