The coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought its share of challenges. Maybe you're struggling with Zoom meetings or you have finally had your fill of every binge-worthy show on Netflix. And the mask. Wearing that damn mask every time you leave the house is something else, isn't it?

Detroit's Uncle Kracker has the answer in a new song called 'No Time To Be Sober'. I should be more specific. Uncle Kracker is a native of Mount Clemons. Mount Clemons peeps sometimes tend to take offense when we erroneously give credit to the Motor City.

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"I'm at my local Winn Dixie, feeling kinda risky 'Cause I forgot my surgical mask," Kracker starts out, before going on to ask why the toilet paper is all sold out. 

Kracker also touches on emotional eating, how he's had it with Zoom meetings, and then addresses that paranoia we all feel every time we cough.

Michigan's famous uncle even touches on a popular question raised by the Netflix miniseries 'Tiger King', wondering why Carole Baskin fed her husband to a cat.

'No Time To Be Sober' addresses how many of us have been feeling since the onset of the pandemic. We're locked up at home, so we might as well enjoy a little buzz if that's your thing. And we don't have to worry about finding a designated driver.

And the last line of the song sums it up perfectly.

"This ain't no time to be sober, I can't wait 'til it's over."

Amen to that, sir.

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