Well, it looks as though I'm a judgmental jerk.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan indicates that people who aren't bothered by typos and grammatical mistakes have a tendency to be more outgoing and social. Those who are affected negatively by such errors tend to be introverts, and are quicker to assume that poor writing skills means a lack of intelligence.

Researchers had people read email responses to a roommate listing. Some of the responses were well-written, others contained spelling errors and usage errors such as "to" instead of "too."

Each of the participants took a personality test, Those who gave others lower ratings based on poor writing skills were more likely to be judgmental, introverted, and harder to deal with. Those who were less concerned with written mistakes were usually more outgoing and social.

I guess that makes me an introvert, and a judgmental jerk.

Sorry. Not sorry.

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