Last names are not made plural by adding an apostrophe and an "s." Heather Breedlove-Nianouris makes this abundantly clear in this snarky video below.

Although, as a grammar nerd, I don't think she's quite snarky enough.

Please, let's get this right on every one of our Christmas cards this year, OK?

"When is it wrong?" [to add an apostrophe and an s to make your last name plural] she asks. "Always and Forever," Breedlove-Niaouris explains.

For most last names, you simply add an S. The Smiths. The McIntyres. The Clarks.

There are just a few exceptions. (English is really hard.) If a name ends in S, X, Z, CH, or SH, then add ES in order to make the name plural. The Churches. The Rodriguezes. The Joneses. Does it look funny? Nope. Doing it right never looks funny.

The video, which she shared a couple of years ago, has been shared thousands of times and has gathered over 14 million views. That's a whole lot of people who won't be doing it wrong this year. At least that's my hope.

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