Nope, nope, nope, and nope. When it comes to spiders you can count me out, so this story already has me freaking out.

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library at the University of Michigan was temporarily closed after not one, but three venomous spiders were found in the building. According to The Michigan Daily, three Mediterranean recluse spiders were discovered in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library basement at the end of January.

The library staff received a email letting them knowl details of the Mediterranaen recluse spider saying   hat a recluse spider’s bite can cause severe necrosis, or death of body tissue, in a small number of cases. It notes that the Mediterranean recluse spider bites rarely lead to loxoscelism, a condition causing skin lesions. Reactions to Mediterranean recluse bites can be delayed by two to six hours, and the bite itself is painless.

University of Michigan spokesperson Kim Broekhuizen told The Michigan Daily that the library,  as well as the Stearns Building on North Campus where spiders were also found, were “closed out of an abundance of caution.”

“Pest Management is working to treat the areas in the buildings where the spiders were found,” Broekhuizen said.

This is not the first time recluse spiders have made an appearance on the U of M campus. Recluse spiders have been found in the tunnels under campus buildings before, and that may be the way they made themselves into the buildings this time.

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library is scheduled to reopen this week. Staff is being advised to use precautions including covering their skin when handling stored items, cardboard boxes, lumber and/or rocks.

As for me...I'll be skipping the library...forever.

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