One of the tourists said 'it came so close it sniffed his hoodie'. Hello, talk about the experience of a lifetime in the Alaska wild. However, it could have very easily come to a grisly end after one of the bears charged at this group of tourists as they sat in camping chairs and there was not a thing they could do about it.

The attack was caught on video. Take the jump and take a look.

The group of 10 had no option but to sit perfectly still as the fearsome bear bounded over to them before circling their camp and coming in for a closer inspection. At one point the bear even sniffed the hood of one of the tourists as he sat in his chair.

The hair-raising encounter happened as the sightseers visited the Katmai National Park in Alaska as part of a trip to observe the animals. At least you could say you got what you paid for on the trip.

The video below.

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