In honor of Nurses Week, just another reason that we appreciate the people who take such good care of us...and our families. 

Jennifer has been my friend since first grade. She's an Air Force wife; she's lived all over the world and she and her husband now reside in Alaska. Obviously, being The Last Frontier, resources can be hard to come by up north. So, a nurse has gotta do what a nurse has gotta do.

Jennifer's also registered nurse and a mother of two, and at 12:30 AM, she had to make a trip out to...a "saucy store" in Anchorage to purchase a vibrator for a baby in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

Of course, I asked her what this was for. She said that it opens up their air sacs and has a "calming effect." In fact, several people on her thread commented that they've had to do the same thing.

Just another reason that we're celebrating our nurses this week. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

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