Happy to recognize two more of our local healthcare heroes here in Flint today!

Every day during the pandemic, we're highlighting some of our area's local heroes. We do The Good News every morning at 6:45 AM, but we've been getting so many emails about people who YOU want to recognize, we thought we'd make it a daily feature.

We got this email from Brianna, who is a registered nurse at McLaren Flint:

I want to nominate my two co-workers at McLaren Flint. This is Ashley and Andreya. They are my heroes. They started their careers 3 years ago on my floor and have been so brave during this time.

Ashley lost her uncle during this time, couldn’t be with her family or properly mourn and still showed up to work to take care of her patients. Andreya can’t be with her family at this time, and lost her mother a few years ago- so her siblings mean the world to her and it is so hard for her to be apart from them. They are best friends,  and are two of the most compassionate nurses I have ever met! 


To nominate YOUR local hero, email their story and a photo to AJ@wcrz.com

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