It seems like Toronto's crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford  serves up heaping helpings of material custom-made for late night comedians every time he opens his mouth. Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, and David Letterman have all had their share of fun, thanks to Ford.

Speaking of heaping helpings, Ford indicated that he has an appetite for more than just illegal drugs. (First video below) NOTE:  Although the offensive word is censored, the subject matter featured in Jimmy Kimmel's monologue is adult in nature, and could be considered NSFW. It's shocking, vulgar, and hilarious, all rolled into one!

Ford has also provided lots-o-laughs for David Letterman's audience. The second video below is Dave's Top 10 list of things going through Ford's mind when he was asked about purchasing illegal drugs.

And finally, Saturday Night Live (third video below) took its share of shots at Ford, and the news program '60 Minutes', as Bobby Moynihan was the natural choice to play the Canadian mayor who just can't seem to keep his mouth shut.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Mayor!

- George McIntyre
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