Flint, Michigan is certainly home to more than its share of ghosts, but are there any "true haunts" that exist here? We explore that very question as we list 5 popular "haunted" locations in the Flint area. Take a look after the jump... if you dare!

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    Holly Hotel

    Holly, MI

    The Holly Hotel has been said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Michigan. Its rich history in the area makes its status as a haunted hotel totally believable. The ghosts of the Holly Hotel seem to follow patterns -- also known as a "residual haunting." People sometimes smell a cigar, but what they might not know is that the original owner smoked cigars. The phantom smell of flowery perfume and the "little girl" ghost that likes to play with the meat cleaver are some of the other phenomena that may be experienced at the Holly Hotel.

    Even if you're not a true believer, it is said that almost everyone that enters the Holly Hotel feels the spirits around them.

    Tim Gray
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    Riverrest & Sunset Hills Cemetery

    Flint Township, MI

    We're sure most people from Flint know the story of the hauntings at Riverrest & Sunset Hills Cemetery and all the bronze statues that reside on the premises. The life-like statues will creep you out in broad daylight -- so imagine seeing them in the moonlight (which is illegal, so don't try it.)

    The statue with the best story shows a group of kids playing "crack the whip" (as seen in the picture below), which was also adopted as a nickname for the location. It is said that if put your foot in the little girl's sandal something bad -- even death -- will happen to you in the near future. I'm not sure how this story came about -- just another one of Flint's urban legends I suppose -- but I placed my foot in the statue's sandal many years ago and I'm still alright.

    Tim Gray
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    The Capitol Theatre

    Downtown Flint, MI

    The Capitol Theatre in downtown Flint has had a rich history in the city. Since its opening in 1928, The Capitol hosted cultural events and was the best place to see a movie in the late 50s early 60s. The building hosted rock shows through the 80s and 90s and closed for business in 1997.

    As for the hauntings, there has to be some restless souls that enjoyed The Capitol so much they don't want to leave. Staff members and patrons have heard screams, moans and tapping on the walls. There have also been apparitions spotted in the balcony and the stage.

    Bands performing there often complained about their equipment temporarily turning off for no reason and claimed to hear eerie, disembodied voices singing, in addition to seeing the aforementioned specters in the balcony

    Even if you don't believe in the afterlife, the vast history  of The Capitol Theatre makes it the perfect candidate for paranormal activity.

    The Capitol Theatre Facebook
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    The Fenton Hotel

    Fenton, MI

    The Fenton Hotel -- built in 1856 -- has a rich history in the town of Fenton. It has been through many owners and names. It was first build as an inn and hosted many people who came through Fenton on the railroad. Now the Fenton Hotel is a fine dining restaurant with some unlikely guests.

    There have been reports of activity in the bar area with glasses breaking and shutters being opened and closed. Phantom drink orders have been taken by the waitstaff, when they return there is no one there for the drink. Noises like footsteps and voices have been heard in the upper levels by employees as they closed the bar. Creepy stuff for sure!

    The Fenton Hotel Website
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    Castaway's Restaurant

    Lapeer, MI

    Castaway's has been around for a few years as a restaurant, but the structure has occupied its spot on Lake Nepessing for much longer. It was once a hotel and has housed a few other businesses, including multiple restaurants.

    Legend has it that the location is haunted, with employees and patrons claiming to have seen a man walk off the dock into the lake or a woman leaning over the platform of the lighthouse. Others report hearing voices yell at them when walking to the back bathroom and feeling cold hands wrap around their neck near the staircase to the roof.

    In 2007, a team of investigators visited in search of ghosts, but their findings were inconclusive.

    Castaway's Restaurant Website