As a parent, it is your job to embarrass your kids.  But when you're on TV, that video lives forever.

...And that embarrassing moment is all yours.  You know, that moment that you and your news team decide to send an inspirational message to local students as the prepare for exams in Toledo, Ohio by using teen slang on the newscast.  I'm not saying that news anchors in their thirties and forties aren't allowed to use words like "fleek," "lit" and "turnt" but...wait, yes I am.  That's exactly what I'm saying.

I'm going to start a new internet challenge.  It's easy.  Watch the video below all the way through without stopping it, turning the volume down or making a Renée Zellweger face like you just ate a lemon.  Ready?  Go!

Were you successful?  If so, you're stronger than I am.

This video originally went viral in March of 2019.  For some reason this video has resurfaced again.  Maybe it's because school is starting.  Or maybe it's because we need something to make us forget we're in a pandemic.  Whatever the reason, this award winning TV moment is going viral again.

It's impossible to even guess how many views this video has received.  There are dozens if not hundreds of copies of this video on youtube and facebook making the rounds.

I'm wondering if they knew what this would look like before they did.  Or just maybe they thought it would be straight fire.

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