As strollers go, this toddler has an awesome one! Nothing like the kid having a 'Caddy' for cruisin', but in my opinion, dad should have made it look like a Pontiac Solstice! I love my Solstice and it almost makes me a little jealous. Check out the ride, and what it could have been after the jump.

A dad in Plano, Texas made this stroller for his son. It's not just your ordinary stroller, it features underlighting and flames that shoot out of the tailpipe. Dad might want to re-think the hot tailpipe, but you have to admit it's a cool toy. I still think if he had modeled it after a Solstice instead of a Cadillac, that it would look even sharper!

It won first place in the Open Car class at the Plano “Monthly Muscle Car Show.”