Todddler’s ‘Wheels’ Almost Better Than Mine
As strollers go, this toddler has an awesome one! Nothing like the kid having a 'Caddy' for cruisin', but in my opinion, dad should have made it look like a Pontiac Solstice! I love my Solstice and it almost makes me a little jealous. Check out the ride, and what it could have been after the jump.
Mom Leaves Toddler Son In Car With Dead Body
If Jessica Ockman had designs on becoming a stage mother, it seems she planned on her little bundle of joy's first role to be in a new 'Weekend at Bernie's' movie. Authorities in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish have booked the 33-year-old woman on various charges after she left her 20-month-old son in a car for over an hour. The boy wasn't by himself in the car, mind you. Nope - he was in the compan