Mayra Rosales, who weighs approximately 1,100 pounds, confessed to accidentally killing her nephew by rolling over on top of him while babysitting. But authorities claim the woman is too obese to roll over, and have discovered that the two-year old actually died from blows to the head.

'Half-Ton Killer,' a documentary scheduled to air on October 10th on TLC, reveals that Rosales, who is bedridden because of her weight, believed that her obesity would soon kill her. She confessed to killing the boy, in order to protect her sister - the boy's mother - who had actually beaten him to death.

In a press release for 'Half-Ton Killer,' TLC says:

"Mayra could barely move." She was "deathly ill" from pneumonia and it required 10 men and an extra-large ambulance for her to reach the hospital when her health deteriorated later in 2008. She remains in the hospital today.

Reports indicated that Rosales confessed to making up the story, after her sister continued to abuse her other children.

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