Once upon a time in Flint...

Unfortunately, there are way too many places in and around Vehicle City whose story can start with that line. Areas once pinnacles of the city and hot spots to visit have fallen victim to time and economy. Considered the place to shop back in its heyday, South Flint Plaza sits decaying and barely alive, but new proposed plans could change its landscape.

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Driving by the strip mall on Fenton Road, I flashback to the days of shopping at places like Value City, which closed in 2008, and grabbing a bite at one of the restaurants. Now, the majority of the plaza sits idle with boarded-up entrances to once-thriving businesses. The 365,000 square feet commercial plaza, which opened in 1961, once had a parking lot filled with cars that now appears virtually vacant.

Photo: Water Winter Wonderland
Photo: Water Winter Wonderland

As sad as it is to see, there is some light at the end of the revitalizing tunnel. According to Mlive, there could be new life coming to the property in the way of  "contractor condos". The idea would see the development of a space geared at small businesses like roofers and others that have storage & office/retail needs. The "condos" would become a base of operation with small office areas facing the parking lot along Fenton Road and then storage areas with bay doors for keeping supplies and light inventory.

Mlive reports that the current owner, Deda Juncevic, had taken the first steps to have the property rezoned and indicated to the Flint City Council that he plans to spend roughly $5 million on the project, which will include the $1.4 million that he paid to buy the South Flint Plaza just over a year ago.

We will keep you posted as the approvals and project move forward.

Take a look below at how South Flint Plaza looks today.

A Look at the Decaying South Flint Plaza

Opened in 1961, South Flint Plaza was once a hustling and bustling shopping plaza. Now, the strip mall is all but completely empty and sits decaying on Fenton Road. Take a look at what's left of the once-popular shopping center in Flint.

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