Looks like the darling of the quarantine, 'Tiger King',  is going to give fans what they are craving...more craziness.

According the zoo owner Jeff Lowe of the show, Netflix is releasing another episode of the hit document-series as early as next week. For fans of Joe Exotic and haters of Carol Baskin this is major news.

A video of Jeff and Lauren Lowe popped up on baseball player, Los Angeles Dodger, Jason Turner's Twitter account. The video was a clip from Cameo featuring the Lowe's. In the clip Jeff revealed "Netflix is adding one more episode. We'll be on next week. They're filming here tomorrow."

 It's not clear if the episode will be a follow-up or more of a reunion type show. 'Tiger King' has become the biggest hit of the moment with a "cult" like following.
Netflix has not commented on the reports as of yet. Let's hope Carol Baskin doesn't have anything to do with their silence.
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