Tigers Win!
The Detroit Tigers got off on the right foot for the 2013 Major league season with a 3-2 win yesterday in Minnesota. Tiger's ace Justin Verlander pitched five scoreless innings in picking up the win.
Just a Baby Tiger Jumping on a Couch
If you see something cuter than this today, good for you, you obviously are some kind of wizard. If you're sad and dried up like the rest of us, here's a ridiculously adorable baby tiger jumping on a couch. With a chihuahua. And nobody gets eaten...
A Winning Weekend! U Of M, MSU, Lions, Tigers, And Wings Win!
When was the last time that the University of Michigan, Michigan State, the Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions all won on the same weekend? Personally, I can't ever remember a weekend like that! Mainly because for years the Detroit Lions haven't won many games, period. Well it looks like things have changed. The Detroit Lions put an exclamation point on the weekend with a come-from-behind 34-30 win

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